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XyloBrit® - 100% Xylitol Sugar-Free Table-Top Sweetener

Xylitol - a sugar-free natural sweetner

XyloBrit® consists entirely of xylitol, a naturally-occurring sugar-free sweetener. Xylitol is a 5-carbon polyol, widely distributed throughout nature in small amounts. The human body typically produces 5 - 15g of xylitol per day during its natural energy metabolism processes.

Xylitol looks and tastes just like ordinary sugar - with no aftertaste - and has the same sweetness as ordinary sugar. Some of the best sources are fruits, berries, mushrooms, corncobs and hardwoods.

The xylitol in XyloBrit® is actually extracted from birch trees and other hardwoods.

A healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners

Xylitol has only 2.4 calories per gram (as opposed to 4.0 calories/g in ordinary sugar) so can be used by dieters as part of a lowcalorie diet.

Xylitol also has a very low Glycaemic Index (GI = 8).

Low-GI foods release their energy gradually into the blood stream and do not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

This also means that that you avoid the swings of energy-rushes and hunger pangs that can otherwise lead to a tendency to "snack".

Suitable for diabetics

XyloBrit® does not require Insulin to be metabolised and is suitable for use by diabetics.

Dental benefits

Xylitol is a tooth-friendly alternative to sugar. Recent studies indicate that Xylitol also encourages the natural pH balance of the mouth, reduces plaque and promotes the maintenance of healthy teeth.

This has lead to approvals by numerous Dental Associations around the world. Xylitol is now used extensively in sugar-free chewing-gum and oral-hygiene products worldwide.

Xylitol does not react with yeast

XyloBrit® is a Polyol, not a sugar, and does not react with Yeasts. This means it can be used safely by Candida Sufferers.

How to use XyloBrit®

XyloBrit® has the same taste, texture and sweetness as ordinary sugar. It can be used just like ordinary sugar in hot and cold drinks, and sprinkled on desserts and cereals on a one-for-one basis. XyloBrit® may have a pleasant cooling-effect in the mouth when used on cold desserts.

Important information

Xylitol in common with other polyols has a mild laxative effect at high levels of intake. To avoid this, daily consumption should be limited to 5g - 10g per 10kg of body weight (adults and children alike).

Foods containing Xylitol should not be fed to pet animals.


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